Jane Ada Charles

jane charles

The Canadian born Irish violinist Jane Ada Charles has been the recipient of numerous scholarships and bursaries including the Frederic Harris Music Co., Eva E. Janes, Sheila van Gijn, Isidor Desser Memorial, Jack Montague Violin. She was also a finalist in the Canadian Music Competition.

Miss Charles started the violin at age 6 at the Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto where she was a student of Erica Davidson and Steven Staryk. In 1992 Jane moved to Dublin where she studied with Ronal Masin and then with Brian McNamara. In August 1994, she returned to Toronto to take the ARCT diploma in performance exams. After finishing the International Baccalaureate exams, Jane entered Lydia Mordkovitch's class in the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester (UK). More recently, Jane has begun playing the viola!

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